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One of the modern methods of heating

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  • During the device warm floor pipes are in screed, but they can also be placed in the wall under the top layer of finishing material.
  • In such a situation, it turns out, wall heating which is a different form of space heating. In this embodiment, the heat energy of about 85% is transferred by way of radiation that provides comfort for people, as the temperature will be lower. Also there is no movement of dust.
  • Pipelines of this type of heating are loops for which there is a significant temperature drop occurring on the inlet and outlet.
  • This value reaches 15 degrees. To ensure the best heat transfer. In such a system it is possible to use a circulating pump with lower performance.
  • The pipe in the wall stacked with almost any step.
  • This is valid because of the lack of boundary conditions for the perception of comfort from the heating surface.
  • Most often, the heating in the walls arrange in conjunction with Underfloor heating or when the latter is not enough to reimburse all losses in the room.
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